Hello….I guess

I believe that is the traditional opening to this sort of thing.   So I have decided to start a blog.  Again.  Last time it was full of rambles and thoughts and discussions and music and so forth and so on.  This will be the same.  Since then I’ve taken up photography and crochet as a hobby.  My photography tends to be of whatever I think is cool at the time.  I’m a big fan of portraits, and also lightpainting. See below.


If you like the wizard hat of wonder then please feel free to take a look at my other photos.  Or not.  Your choice.  They can be found at:


As far as crochet goes, it varies from squares to little people.  Ideally I would like to graduate to complicated things like dragons.  Generally it is mostly dependent on my attention span which I have to admit is not fantastic at times.



Except when reading.  I can get lost for hours in a book.  Books might also feature.  Or not.  Who knows.  This is mainly for me, though if you read it – woohoo! So I think the main thing is I will just have to see what I come up with.

Blog number two will probably have some sort of point.  Tune in next time for Rachel’s world of ….stuff….